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Avatar Spoof Vids

by | Feb 11, 2022

It’s a mistake to keep these on our website.  I know it.  Still, I guess I’m missing the don’t-do-dumb-stuff-that-will-embarrass-you-and-your-family gene. I do have the oh-well-lets-have-some-harmless-fun-while-we’re-on-planet-earth gene.

The movie Avatar (2009) was almost as ground-breaking as The Matrix when it came out. The visuals and the story took us into another world, one we could almost imagine being real – if not just in a virtual world we all plug into someday (*nod to all the dreamers and fellow geeks out there). 

It left me wishing I could live another life – one where I could make movies.  John and Sid pointed out that we could record some stuff on these things called “smartphones” and upload it all to a deal called Youtube.  Seems like it was so long ago now, but it was just a little over a decade ago.

John picked up a camera and let me indulge myself for better or worse – probably worse.  embarassed

See what you think.