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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Page different?

There is so much more we want to change and improve – but here are some things we aren’t too humble to bost about:

  • Zero-pressure.  Our experts are not paid commissions.  They can be calm and objective.
  • Real humans.  We don’t hide behind our website forcing you to go-it-alone.  We are accessible & here for you.
  • Killer tech.  From a pretty cool website to the industry’s best mobile apps, we constantly work to provide the best.
  • 100% privately owned.  We answer to our clients.  We’re people and they are people.  We are not a faceless corporation.
  • One-stop shop.  Most can get everything they need with us.  No need to have it scattered.
  • Best match.  We have over a hundred of America’s best insurance companies.  You can learn which is best for you.
  • Auto-requotes.  Our tech notifies us of policies that should be re-shopped.  You can have confidence in the value.
  • Connect your way.  With humans and tech standing by, you can engage through any medium you like best.
  • 24/7 Service.  Claims and most policy services are available 365/24/7. 
  • We care about you.  It’s about helping you get your insurance right – for you. 
  • Special programs.  We have awesome products tough to find. Employer discounts. State specific programs (Idaho, Utah, etc.).
  • Personal & commercial.  If you are a business owner, we have you covered on everything – all under one roof.
  • The best of all worlds.  If it makes life more easy, fun, and exciting – we’re all about that!