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For Fun: Weird Policies

by | Apr 18, 2023

At Page Insurance, we love exploring the vast and diverse world of insurance policies, and sometimes, we stumble upon some bizarre and intriguing ones. While most insurance policies are pretty standard, there’s a fascinating array of weird and unusual coverage out there that you probably never knew existed. So, buckle up and join us as we take a trip down the rabbit hole of the most bizarre insurance policies ever written! Remember, these examples are meant to entertain and showcase the extraordinary side of the insurance world.

Alien Abduction Insurance:

Believe it or not, there’s an insurance policy designed to cover you in case extraterrestrials abduct you. A company in Florida began offering this coverage in the late 1980s, and since then, thousands of people have purchased these policies. To claim, policyholders must provide proof of their abduction, which might be tricky, given the elusive nature of our intergalactic visitors.

Body Part Insurance:

Celebrities often rely on their appearance or physical skills for their livelihood, so it’s not surprising that many have insured their most valuable assets. For instance, actress America Ferrera’s smile was once insured for a staggering $10 million. Soccer player David Beckham, known for his exceptional skills on the field, insured his legs for a reported $70 million during his playing career.

Food Critic’s Taste Buds Insurance:

Imagine having your taste buds insured for a jaw-dropping $1 million! That’s precisely what British food critic Egon Ronay did to protect his career, which relied heavily on his ability to discern subtle flavors and culinary nuances. After all, a food critic without functioning taste buds would be like a painter without their sight.

Lottery Winner Insurance:

Many employers worry about losing staff members to a sudden influx of wealth, like winning the lottery. To mitigate this risk, some companies have taken out “lottery winner insurance,” which compensates the company if a key employee suddenly strikes it rich and leaves their job. Now that’s what we call being prepared for anything!

Hole-in-One Insurance:

Golf tournaments often offer lavish prizes for players who achieve the elusive hole-in-one. Event organizers can purchase hole-in-one insurance to cover the cost of these potential prizes. This policy pays out if a golfer scores a hole-in-one during the tournament, ensuring the organizer isn’t left footing the bill for an extravagant prize.

Multiple Birth Insurance:

Expecting parents can take out multiple birth insurance to help them financially prepare for the possibility of having twins, triplets, or more. This policy provides a payout if the policyholder gives birth to more than one child at once, helping to cover the extra expenses of raising multiple little ones simultaneously.

Ghost Insurance:

A hotel in England took out a policy to protect itself from financial losses due to ghost-related incidents. The coverage compensated the hotel if guests left early or requested refunds due to paranormal activity, ensuring that uninvited spectral visitors didn’t cause too much of a financial scare.

Fantasy Sports Insurance:

Fantasy sports enthusiasts can now protect their virtual teams with fantasy sports insurance. This policy provides compensation if a key player on a policyholder’s fantasy team is injured and unable to play for an extended period, helping to soften the blow of losing a star athlete in the virtual world.

Wedding Insurance:

Couples planning their big day can take out wedding insurance to cover a range of unexpected mishaps, from extreme weather to lost rings or even a sudden change of heart. This policy helps protect the couple’s investment on their special day, ensuring that unforeseen circumstances don’t lead to financial ruin.

Immaculate Conception Insurance:

In 2006, a group of nuns in England took out insurance to cover the costs of raising a child in the event of a miraculous conception, similar to the Virgin Mary. While the policy was eventually withdrawn due to public outcry, it stands as one of the most unusual insurance policies ever written.:

These are just a few examples of the most unusual and bizarre insurance policies ever written. They show the insurance industry can be creative and entertaining when addressing unique risks and challenges. While these examples might not directly apply to your insurance needs, they certainly make for some fascinating stories.

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