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“The important thing is to connect with our experts so they can be a free resource for you.”

Step 1: Hit the “Get Started” button

We’ll gather the info that helps us best shop, personalize, and deliver the insurance you need – when you need it. You do this once and we can shop for you anytime in the coming years – without starting over.

Connect by phone, chat, or submit a smart-form

After clicking the “get started” button, you will be presented with a variety of options to connect with us. 

It only takes a few quick minutes

This step takes just 5 to 15 minutes depending on whether you want help with just one policy or a comprehensive review.

Reach out now to win a lifelong resource

Once you connect with our experts, they can be a lifelong resource for you.  You’ll always have the help you need.

Step 2: Experts shop the market for you

You can kick your feet up while our experts do the work for you.  How cool is that?  It’s not just that they have hundreds of companies competing for your business, but they also have a ton of real-world experience to help sort through it all and find the best match.

We shop top-rated companies for you

With a hundred+ companies, we can outshop any shopper (or agent) to figure out which one will be best for you right now in your life.

These include nationals & regionals 

Sometimes a ‘national’ is best and sometimes a ‘regional’ is best.  We shop both to figure out which is best for you.

Which is your best match, right now?

No company is the best for everyone.  Each is stronger or weaker depending on the shopper’s risk profile.  We’ll find your match.

Step 3: Everything is Customized to You

Navigate your coverage options

Virtually every policy is customizable.  Our experts can help you understand your options so that you get the coverage you want.

Set it up the way you like to do business

This includes everything from setting up the billing to match your preferences to connecting you with all the included tools and resources.

Stretch every dollar for maximum benefit

Once we know what coverage is important to you, we can go to work making sure each dollar is going to work for you.

Options to consider when you shop

You can have us help with just one policy

If you’re looking for help with a particular type of policy, we can just focus on getting that solved for you.  

You can have us do a comprehensive review

Our experts do their best work when they do comprehensive planning.  This allows for maximum discounts and smart planning.

We can help with almost any type of policy

Sure, we can handle auto, home, and life – but we can also help with all sorts of business policies and specialty policies like pet insurance.

Ways we can help after the policy

Re-shop without the hassle of starting over

Our experts will collect all of the info you’d expect but we’ll also work to understand your preferences.

Get answers to your insurance questions

While we find that the phone is the fastest way to get this done, we are totally down with chatting or emailing. 

We always have your back & can help with…

Each company has different resources for service.  We’ll make sure you have those PLUS we can always help with changes, claims, etc.