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New to insurance? Top 10 things to know.

by | Feb 10, 2022

Master the essentials of insurance with these crucial insights

Insurance! Your favorite subject, right? Haha… yeah, right. Well, we feel that for sure. Here, we outline the top 10 things we wish people understood about insurance. These insights apply to all kinds of insurance, so buckle up and prepare to become an insurance expert!

Insurance is a Legal Contract: Know the Details

Insurance policies are legal contracts that differ significantly, even from the same company. Every policy has exclusions and coverage limits, so make sure you understand the specifics of your policy. Remember that insurance companies can only pay for covered claims, so choosing a policy that provides the coverage you need from a reputable company is essential.

Don’t Fall for Flashy Ads: Explore Your Options

You’ve seen those big insurance company ads everywhere. But did you know that there are hundreds of other excellent insurance providers without massive ad campaigns? Many of these companies offer their products through independent (Indie) agents, who can provide unbiased advice and help you find the best coverage at competitive prices.

Shop with a Trustworthy Independent Agent

The best independent agents (like PAGE) serve as a distribution channel for thousands of insurance companies, including some direct providers. They earn a small commission from the insurance company but can often help control costs and keep premiums low while maintaining high coverage levels. Make sure you choose an Indie agent you can trust for objective advice.

Consider Regional Insurance Companies

When shopping for insurance, don’t overlook regional companies. Many well-run regional providers offer competitive rates by catering to low-risk states or working exclusively with trusted Indie agencies. Ask your agent about the best regional options available for your needs.

Prioritize Big Risks: Cover Them First

Allocate your insurance budget to cover significant risks before smaller ones. For example, it’s more important to have adequate auto insurance coverage than to purchase extended warranties for electronics. Focus on protecting yourself from potential financial disasters, then consider insuring more minor risks as your budget allows.

Keep an Eye Out for Coverage Gaps

Regularly review your insurance protection plan to identify any coverage gaps – areas where you should have coverage but don’t. An insurance expert can help you assess your needs and adjust your policies to protect you against potential risks.

Trust an Insurance Guru for Expert Advice

Insurance can be complicated and daunting, so finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy insurance professional to guide you through the process is crucial. Look for an expert who genuinely cares about your needs and has the resources to provide the best advice and ongoing service.

Don’t Forget About Exclusions and Limits

Insurance policies don’t cover everything, and that’s intentional. Comprehensive coverage would be prohibitively expensive, so ensure you understand your policy’s limits and exclusions. Be cautious when working with sales agents, as they may attempt to reduce coverage to make a policy appear more affordable. Always know your options.

Combine Your Policies for a Comprehensive Plan

Many people have multiple insurance policies from different providers, which can create gaps in coverage. To avoid this, consider consolidating your insurance policies with a single provider or working with an Indie agent who can help you build a comprehensive plan that addresses your needs.

Collaborate with Your Trusted Insurance Partner

At Page, we strive to be your trusted source for all your insurance needs, from helping you identify risks, and determining the coverage levels you want, to shopping for the best policies and providing ongoing support. Remember these top 10 insights as you navigate the insurance world, ensuring you get the right coverage at a price you can afford.
Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, take control of your insurance coverage and make smart decisions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets. The Page team is here to guide you every step of the way, helping you enjoy life without worrying about the unexpected. Secure your financial well-being today with confidence!

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Ben Page, a Business Development specialist with over 20 years in the insurance industry, is an expert in Property & Casualty, Life, Health, and Disability insurance. Ben is licensed in all 50 states and dedicated to empowering clients with insider knowledge and making insurance more accessible. Passionate about client-centric service, he has helped build several successful insurance agencies. Ben enjoys Jeeps, Rock and Roll, cheese, movies, and spending time with his wife, three kids, and their golden doodle when not working.