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Discover the Page Difference: Stress-Free Insurance Shopping

by | Mar 24, 2023

Welcome to a Better Insurance Experience

All things insurance doesn’t have to be such a pain! We think you’ll love the unique advantages of having all of your insurance with Page.

Key Focus Areas

At Page, we help you with EVERYTHING insurance – including these three things:

  • You can more easily figure out which policies and coverages you want – access it all in one place
  • Our team of experts will do the shopping for you among our curated powerhouse group of incredible companies.
  • You never have to start over! We’re here to re-shop and help you with all aspects of insurance – anytime.
    (Claims, service, changes, re-shopping, billing, mobile apps, coverage reviews, etc.)

The Uninformed Shopper Problem

It’s no secret that many insurance companies take advantage of customers who don’t fully understand their options – or go it alone. They often offer policies with less coverage, using cute mascots and funny ads to appeal to your emotions, not your logic. Here are some common pitfalls uninformed customers might face:

  • Not understanding the risks they face
  • Being uninformed about the coverage options
  • No strategy for allocating the insurance budget
  • Confused by industry jargon and policy details
  • Loyalty to an insurance company costs them in the long run

Page to the Rescue

To tackle these challenges, Page offers a comprehensive, friendly approach:

Identifying Your Needs

We’re here to help you determine the right policies, coverage, and limits for your unique situation. Our expert guidance ensures you understand your options and make informed decisions.

Finding the Best Insurance Company

As an independent agency, we work with dozens of the best companies with hundreds of programs and thousands of incredible products. We’ll help you shop around and provide objective advice on the pros and cons of each option, finding the perfect match for you.

Ongoing Support and Service

With a blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology, Page offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy access to client portals, 24/7 service hotlines, and your dedicated service team.

How Page Makes Money

Page is an independent insurance agency that no insurance company owns or controls. We have contracts with companies that pay us a small sum per policy, allowing us to offer our services to you for free. This saves the insurance company a TON of money because they don’t have to advertise or maintain expensive offices/staff for sales. These savings are passed on to you.

Everyone wins (except the advertisers and the mascots)!

Reaching Out is a Breeze

Contacting Page is easy – chat, email, phone, text, or Zoom. We’ll gather your information quickly and securely; our experts and tech will shop for the best deals for you. We’ll share our findings, and you can take your time to decide. Once you’re ready, we’ll handle everything, including switching your policies and providing ongoing support.

Side Note: We specialize in people and businesses that are located in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. If that’s not you, please send us a note anyway and let us know which state you’re in!  We’d love to hear from you.

Find Your Best Deal Today

Reach out to us today and discover how we can help you save money while helping you make sure it’s all personalized for your wants/needs.  Click here to get started.


Ben Page, a Business Development specialist with over 20 years in the insurance industry, is an expert in Property & Casualty, Life, Health, and Disability insurance. Ben is licensed in all 50 states and dedicated to empowering clients with insider knowledge and making insurance more accessible. Passionate about client-centric service, he has helped build several successful insurance agencies. Ben enjoys Jeeps, Rock and Roll, cheese, movies, and spending time with his wife, three kids, and their golden doodle when not working.