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Top 10 Fictional Insurance Claims from Movies and TV Shows

by | Apr 18, 2023

At Page Insurance, we’re all about finding fun and entertaining ways to talk about insurance. In this blog post, we’ll dive into movies and TV shows to explore some of the most memorable and amusing insurance claims our favorite fictional characters have encountered. While these claims are purely fictional, they provide an entertaining look at the insurance world and might make you wonder how they would play out in real life!

1 The Incredibles (2004) – Mr. Incredible’s Insurance Job:

Before becoming a superhero once again, Mr. Incredible worked as an insurance claims adjuster for the aptly named Insuricare. He used his knowledge of the insurance industry to help clients navigate the system’s complexities and secure the compensation they deserved.

2 Fight Club (1999) – The Narrator’s Job:

The unnamed narrator of Fight Club is an insurance investigator assessing the risks associated with car accidents for his employer. His job’s dark and gritty nature catalyzes his downward spiral into the world of underground fighting and anarchism.

3 Double Indemnity (1944) – Phyllis Dietrichson’s Plot:

In this classic film noir, femme fatale Phyllis Dietrichson conspires with insurance salesman Walter Neff to take out a life insurance policy on her husband, then stage his “accidental” death to collect the payout. Their scheme unravels as they become entangled in a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal.

4 The Truman Show (1998) – Truman’s Insurance Sales Job:

Truman Burbank, the unwitting star of a reality TV show, works as an insurance salesman in his seemingly idyllic town. Little does he know that his entire life is being broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide, including his mundane interactions with clients discussing insurance policies.

5 The Office (US) – Michael Scott Hits Meredith with His Car:

In the season 4 premiere, the bumbling manager of Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott, accidentally hits his employee Meredith with his car in the company parking lot. This incident leads to a humorous examination of the company’s insurance policies and a memorable trip to the hospital.

6 Liar Liar (1997) – Fletcher Reede vs. Samantha Cole:

Fletcher Reede, a dishonest lawyer who cannot lie for 24 hours due to his son’s birthday wish, represents Samantha Cole in her divorce case. During the trial, he is forced to reveal the truth about her insurance fraud, causing the case to take a hilarious turn.

7 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) – The Sinking of the Yacht:

In this film, stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s extravagant lifestyle leads to the sinking of his yacht in a storm. The film’s portrayal of Belfort’s attempt to claim insurance for the loss showcases the absurdity and excess of his character’s reckless behavior.

8 Breaking Bad (2008-2013) – Saul Goodman’s Insurance Scams:

Saul Goodman, the sleazy lawyer in Breaking Bad, is known for his involvement in various insurance scams and willingness to bend the rules for his clients. His character provides a comical and exaggerated view of the darker side of the insurance industry. (Who doesn’t love Breaking Bad!  John and Sid visited the house and saw kids throwing a pizza on it.)

9 The Sopranos (1999-2007) – Insurance Fraud and the Mob:

The Sopranos, a TV show centered around mob boss Tony Soprano and his family, frequently features insurance fraud as an everyday criminal activity. From staging car accidents to arson, the show offers a dramatic and compelling look at the world of insurance crime.

10 Parks and Recreation (2009-2015) – The Infamous Pothole Incident:

In Parks and Recreation, one of Ben’s favorite shows, the character Andy Dwyer files a claim with the city’s insurance after injuring himself by falling into a pothole. This incident leads to a series of comical bureaucratic hurdles as the parks department, headed by Leslie Knope, works to resolve the situation and fix the pothole.

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These entertaining and memorable insurance claims from movies and TV shows provide a fun and light-hearted look at the world of insurance. While they may not reflect real-life scenarios, they demonstrate the endless storytelling possibilities involving insurance policies and claims.

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