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True LOCAL Tales of Bizarre Insurance Fraud: 5 Stories That Will Make You Scratch Your Head

by | Apr 18, 2023

Insurance fraud comes in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes the stories behind these schemes can be mind-boggling. At Page Insurance, we’re always looking for intriguing tales related to our industry. Today, we’re sharing some bizarre insurance fraud stories that took place right here in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Great Potato Heist (Idaho)

  1. In 2015, an Idaho man attempted to defraud his insurance company by reporting a truckload of potatoes as stolen. He claimed his truck had been hijacked, and the potatoes were missing. However, investigators soon discovered that the man had hidden the potatoes in a nearby storage facility and intentionally damaged his truck. He was charged with insurance fraud.

The Ghost Employee (Utah)

  1. A business owner in Utah created a fake employee to collect workers’ compensation benefits. The owner paid the “employee” a salary, but no such person existed. He then filed a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of the ghost employee, stating that the worker had been injured on the job. However, investigators grew suspicious and eventually unraveled the scheme. The business owner was charged with insurance fraud and ordered to repay the benefits he had collected.

The “Stolen” ATV (Wyoming)

  1. A Wyoming man filed an insurance claim for a stolen all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in 2017. He claimed that the ATV had been stolen from his property and requested compensation for the loss. However, investigators discovered that the man had sold the ATV to a neighbor just days before filing the claim. The man was charged with insurance fraud and ordered to repay the insurance company.

The Phony Injury (Utah)

  1. In 2016, a Utah woman filed a personal injury claim after allegedly being injured in a car accident. She claimed that her injuries were severe and prevented her from working. However, investigators discovered that the woman had been participating in physically demanding activities, including hiking and water skiing, contradicting her injury claims. She was charged with insurance fraud and ordered to repay the insurance company for the benefits she had received.

The Arson Scheme (Idaho)

  1. A couple in Idaho decided to burn down their home in an attempt to collect insurance money in 2018. They enlisted the help of a friend to set the fire, but their plan quickly unraveled when the friend revealed the plot to authorities. The couple was charged with arson and insurance fraud and faced serious legal consequences for their actions.

We’re Here for You!

These bizarre insurance fraud tales from Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming serve as a reminder of the serious consequences that can arise from attempting to deceive insurance companies. At Page Insurance, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the insurance world with honesty and integrity. If you have any questions about your coverage or need assistance finding the right policy, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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