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Insurance Shopper Ad (Warning: Guns & stuff.)

Another fun video to make!  It was all homemade – as is pretty obvious (lol!).  Someday we plan to do this concept again but bring a higher production value to it.

While our video-making skills might be questionable, we know what we’re doing when it comes to helping people with their insurance!

We’re always here for you.

70’s Sid (haha)

One of the first videos we ever made.  Sid was in his 20s throughout the 70s.  With no real pics of him through this time, we had to recreate his look.

It doesn’t seem fair that some of these big-mega-corporation insurance companies should have all the fun with ‘characters.’  We keep thinking we’ll revive the 70s Sid character.  Someday…

Avatar Spoof Vids

It’s a mistake to keep these on our website.  I know it.  Still, I guess I’m missing the don’t-do-dumb-stuff-that-will-embarrass-you-and-your-family gene. I do have the oh-well-lets-have-some-harmless-fun-while-we’re-on-planet-earth gene.

The movie Avatar (2009) was almost as ground-breaking as The Matrix when it came out. The visuals and the story took us into another world, one we could almost imagine being real – if not just in a virtual world we all plug into someday (*nod to all the dreamers and fellow geeks out there). 

It left me wishing I could live another life – one where I could make movies.  John and Sid pointed out that we could record some stuff on these things called “smartphones” and upload it all to a deal called Youtube.  Seems like it was so long ago now, but it was just a little over a decade ago.

John picked up a camera and let me indulge myself for better or worse – probably worse.  embarassed

See what you think.